Calling all Cricut and Copic lovers!

I know I am not the only one that finds BOTH of these crafty tools amazing and addicting!  You know you are too.  I love the techy fun of planning and cutting the images that will add so much to my project and then I also love the smooth and calming colors that make the black and white images come to life on my desk.

Maybe you have not been tempted by the coloring bug yet…come on I will help you!  Remember how you felt when you first decided to take the Cricut leap…excited yet you had no idea how to make your Cricut do what the smiling folks could do on the infomercial  LOL but with practice (and I hope my classes and Whispers) you and your “bug” are buzzing along cutting up a storm!

I want to help you feel the same way about your Copics and my Copic Whisper will do just that.  I bet you have looked at the display of markers at the store or online and thought …where do I start?  How many do I need?  If you read blogs or articles you will find there are just as many theories about Copics as there are pregnancy opinions!  Some people tell you start with a set (OK WHAT SET?) , with collections (WHAT COLLECTIONS) , color families etc. But really where do you start? and how much do you need to spend to get started?  I have studied Copic and have completed both the Basic and Intermediate Designer Certifications offered by Copics.  I am ready to share what I have learned in my brand new easy to use Whisper for Copics.  The actual Whispers have not arrived from the  printers just yet.  They will be ready to ship early next week.

I am also planning my September Cricut and Copic CRUISE and would love to have you join me.  Four wonderful days sailing from Miami on Royal Caribbean … spend time in the sun, eating (of course …it is cruise!) shopping … COLORING and Cricuting all the while.  It is so much fun. Here is a sampling from my October2011  Fall Foliage Cricut and Copic Cruise:

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