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Oh I had so much fun yesterday.  Yes, I spent the day coloring.  Lucky me!  I traveled 3 hours to attend the Copic Intermediate Certification class with Marianne Walker.  It was terrific. We colored and colored and I had such a great day.  I have been working on a  fun new Copic Whisper with a monthly Copic Whisper Club and I am almost ready to launch them.  But I can share a few details today.  Copics have been my guilty pleasure for a year now.  I took my first Basic Certification class last year with Lori Craig and remembered how much I loved my box of Crayolas (the big one with the sharpener and the special colors?) I am still Cricut obsessed of course but coloring with my Copics is so relaxing and calming.  It is a perfect unwind time.  I gather my markers and my images and settle down for some coloring.  I can watch tv, enjoy the sunshine, visit with my friends and color color color.

Soooo I want to share this with you too.  I am loving my monthly Let’s Learn Cricut club projects and now I am going to add a Let’s Learn Copic monthly club.  Each month will feature a skill or technique set to be added to a COPIC WHISPER.  The monthly cards will be added to a bigger ring and you will simply add them together building a collection of Copic projects and skills.  Each month I will post the markers and the stamps that I will be using.  I will offer them as a supply kit that you can purchase along with the Whisper or you can purchase just the Copic Whisper pages.  This club is going to be a bit different as there will also receive a video demonstration to go along with the Copic Whisper and we are going to start at the very beginning and take baby steps.  I want you to enjoy this, not be frustrated or stressed out.   Let’s Learn Copic Whisper Club will launch in July and will be available soon in my shop.  I am really excited to share this with all of you.


  1. Looking forward to the Copic Whisper Club….

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