Welcome to Let’s Learn With Cara

So glad you stopped by!  This is my home away from home…where I hang out in my comfy pants and tees and flip flops..and I hope you will too.  My online classroom is at My Creative Classroom.   This is where I have my Classes to Go and my Whispers.  Whispers??!  You have not seen those yet?  Click on the Whispers Tab and you can read all about them but basically they are handy guides I have put together to help you use your machines.

I am a teacher …that is it.  Plain and simple…and I want to help you learn all about the Cricut.  I teach classes online at My Creative Classroom.  I offer Classes To Go…instant downloads!  And I teach on cruise ships too! 

If you are like me …and many of my students…you were really excited when you finally got your Cricut.  You couldn’t wait to cut those amazing intricate titles and cards.  Now your pages were just to knock your socks off!  But….….does this sound familiar?

After opening the box and staring at all the parts and pieces…you thought “oh I have seen the infomercial and I have watched my friends…I know what to do!”  So you dive in …select a title, load the paper and press cut.  So excited….the machine eats the cardstock.  Hmmm …. spin a few dials…load another mat and press cut.  Nothing…machine wizzes around and the paper gets a few scratches.  Crap…the phone is ringing.

Hours later..after picking up the kids and making dinner and doing some laundry  … you look at the mess and decide you will learn the Cricut another day.  And that day is still not here. 

Well I am here to tell you that you too can fall in love with your Cricut.  I will help you figure out how to be in charge of that little green bug.

A little bit about me:  After my degree in education came babies…5 of them… and there was not really time to pursue my dreams of kindergarten teacher.  The years went by and the baby went off to college.  As my treatment plan for Empty Nest Syndrome I went back to college too, earning my Masters in Education.  During that time the Cricut came into my life and I was bitten by that crazy green bug!  I could not get enough.  My dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher changed into Cricut teacher (very similar …paper, cutting and snack time!) and I have never looked back.  I love my job!

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